Wow, we are celebrating our 24th year at our HO club in the little 1 room school house on M-34 next to Kelley's Furniture  
Store in Pittsford.  Jessica was 3 when I started this venture and now she is out of college.  The history of our miniature  
raceway could easily make a movie. Witnessing triumphing heroism and sportsman like conduct to the sore losers taking
away the joy of others in a sport that you will never get rich at. I've seen hand shakes, hugs, sharing, joking, and a daring
title race (pinks) between Mike Getter and Rob Shewman..... Rob won Mike's custom painted modified Super G-Plus !

I've seen cars thrown against the wall, controllers smacked on the floor and driver's station. Drivers leaving in a fit because
they got beat.  Smoking cars from detonating armatures, broken bodies, stripped gears, blasted
into the wall, over the wall, and under the table. The 2006 season 2 brothers and 1 senior member got the boot for pissing
off the owner. Rule number 1, don't upset the raceway owner. Some see this as child's play. For those of you that have been
there, I salute you for giving it a go. Amazing how we turn a kids toy into a sport.

Other fond memories include John Sell from Hillsdale, Larry Lavka from Brooklyn, and the other drivers who raced on our
Tomy 8 lane whan I started this gig in 1990. Our 2 classes then were stock hard body Tyco and HOPRA legal lexan body
Tyco cars with pro silicone tires. Two years later we acquired a 1 year old buck track that came from Wayne near
Detroit.That's when we took our drivers to the next level that gave them a chance to hone there skills on a professional
track. The next year we invested in the Lane Master computer scoring system that put our drivers into state and national
contention. Driver's like Marty Hall that took down favorites like Walt Dick on his buck track, and Mr. BSRT Gary Beetle
that was an honored guest that day. Now that was something to cheer about! To bad I missed the show. Stayed home and
watched football.  Another great day in March of 2001 was when myself and John Sell went to Fast Track in North Adams.
John took first entering his vintage white Dino Ferrari in HOPRA's T-Jet Race. Beating favorites like Gary Silcock, Tim
Miller, and Bill Miles. I sucked, tied for 11th spot out of 17 entries. Didn't matter, one of our own took home the trophy!
That reminds me, Tim Miller won the 1997 modified cash race that we sponsored..... followed by Walt Dick, Marty Hall,
and Keith Swafford. Those were the 3 second BSRT Super G-Plus years. Talk about blinding speeds.

In 2002 Moe's Raceway in Indiana teamed up with Dave's Raceway and we sponsored an 8 week series.
Two classes, Tyco Hard Body NASCAR and Patriot Extreme NASCAR. Four races on Moe's 20x6 foot Pocono track, 2
races on my oval, and 2 races on my buck track roadcourse. I ran Richard Petty bodies in both classes. That to me was fun
because I walked with both cup trophies in that series. Sorry Moe! Although I don't think I could do that again. Moe's
drivers were getting the concept of slot racing.
Now 2003 took a dramatic turn, seeing a comeback of the Aurora T-Jets. Go figure, a non magnet traction car! After we
geared up to polymer traction Patriots and Super G-Plus cars, turning less then 3 second lap times on the 60 foot 10 turn
roadcourse. Trading in for the 7 second modified T-Jets and Johnny Lightning cars. We had a record of 23 entries in
February 2004. That season saw Moose from Ft. Wayne, Indiana, longest drive in Dave's history, take home the mod T-Jet
cup trophy. Can't argue with the market. A class this old boy can see. Not to be fooled as this class has it's own intensity
with out the blurring speed, non stop throttle pumping, and finger bruising marshalling.  
So here we are back full circle to an era where it all began.
Now we have modern parts and equipment to make it fun. When you are in our area, stop by and let's race!      
The History of Dave's HO Raceway
HO Scale Slot Car Racing
Since 1990